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Mindful Leadership - 1h Presentation & Dialog:

Lead with clarity, commitment and vitality

In today’s fast changing, technology-driven world, leading requires a new level of clarity, commitment, and vitality to successfully navigate the complexity of the suprabusy environment.

Mindfulness helps you to be better equipped for dealing with prolonged stress and achieving your goals with greater serenity.


Scientifically proven approach, Mindfulness in corporate environments has been shown to contribute to:

  • Greater serenity
  • Increased out of the box creativity
  • Better decision making ability
  • Development of collaborative work
  • Strengthening Vitality / Well-being


This Mindful Leadership program supports you in:

  • Developing your ability to step back from the day to day difficulties, to switch off the autopilot mode and improve the quality of your decisions
  • Identifying nonproductive work patterns for yourself and in your interactions with others (hierarchy or team) and gain greater clarity on what you can do differently
  • Enhancing the quality of your relationships at work by being fully connected to ‘what is’


We are happy to share with you the evidence from scientific research on how mindfulness brings these changes about and engage in a dialog about your needs and perspectives.

This short session will initiate you to the key principles of Mindful Leadership with a short talks and discussion and an experiential introduction to mindfulness meditation including some gentle movement.

A cooperation between Katharina Mullen ( and Marjan Abadie (

Marjan and Katharina are corporate trainers in mindfulness and vitality.
Both have several decades of experience in leadership positions in the corporate and/or academic world.
Currently they are actively involved in scientific research and will share evidence on what works related to the vitality and success of organizations - and what does not.

To guarantee an effective dialogue the number of participants shall be limited. Simply reserve your seat now.

Kind regards
Marjan Abadie & Katharina Mullen

Tuesday 24 October, 2017; 12:30 - 13:30 pm (welcome from 12:00 pm)

Who :
You shall meet other decision-makers active in organizations who are interested in exploring the benefits of building mind-fitness and personal resilience as evidenced by scientific research.


Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique
5 rue du musée, 1000 Bruxelles

salle Rotonde

To guarantee an effective dialogue the number of participants shall be limited.
Simply reserve your seat now.


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