Remedy / respond to the stress and (to) the burnout
in your company with Mindfulness
(Primary and secondary prevention RPS)
Mindfulness in everyday life
“Mindfulness consists in being fully present in the moment, to stop to fully appreciate it, instead of fleeing from it or trying to modify it by one’s actions or thoughts.” Christophe André
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Mindful Work contributes to the development of well-being at work and therefore address psychosocial risks issues.

Managers and team leaders face stress in a controlled manner, teams are more serene/peaceful, more motivated and efficient.

Integrate Mindfulness in companies,
our expertise !

Institut Mindfulness has offered for 6 years, Mindfulness meditation cycles, workshops and conferences, adaptated to companies and organizations, activity on which we are pioneers.


They trust us :

partenaire formation

Offer a formation-credit to your collaborators via our partner.

The expertice of Institut Mindfulness in company, press talks about it.

The assets of Mindfulness in company

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