Mindful Workshops

With the Mindful Work Program (Mindfulness Meditation at work), you manage to reconcile, in your company or organization, teams’ well-being and performance.

Concerned about psychosocial risks, we offer several programs :

– Mindful Leadership allows leaders and managers to manage stress and emergency that they are facing. Strategic decisions are taken with serenity, openness, self-control while listening to others.

– Mindful corporate leads to stress reduction and burnout prevention. With appropriate behaviors from leaders and managers in particular : a higher self-confidence and trust in others, more presence and wider creativity.

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Mindful Workshops

Mindfulness Topic Workshop

Taking part in a discovery session of Mindfulness to understand the benefits inside a company. A program, in the same time, tool and method of which effects had been established by more than 50 000 studies led during these 40 last years.
  • Discover a first presentation of Mindfulness
  • Experiment Mindfulness trough several exercises
  • Share together around Mindfulness topics and our feeling.
It’s :
  • Set up a regular meditation space inside the company
  • Experiment Mindfulness
  • Being able to ask all questions linked with Mindfulness and its effects
Those companies are part of the meditation experience inside their organization: Google, L’Oréal, EDF, Siemens, Apple, Medtronic, Genetech, McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, Intel, Procter&Gamble, Renault etc.

A Mindfulness workshop in your organization for what ?

  • Experiment different aspects of Mindfulness
  • Being aware, even through a short moment, of the possible benefic effects
  • Clearly understand how to practice Mindfulness
  • Realize the level of motivation needed to follow a complete 8-week cycle representing the basics of Mindfulness
  • Create a playful sharing space between participants during this workshop.

How ?

  • 1 hour, 2 hours, a full day
  • As part of the wellness week or other thematic linked with Mindfulness effects
Access to activities

Mindfulness Institut also offers tailor-made solutions adaptable regarding the company’s or organization’s needs.

OTHER MINDFUL WORK PROGRAMS :  Leadership CorporateCreativity | Workshop

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