Mindful Work

With the Mindful Work Program (Mindfulness Meditation at work), you manage to reconcile, in your company or organization, teams’ well-being and performance.

Concerned about psychosocial risks, we offer several programs :

– Mindful Leadership allows leaders and managers to manage stress and emergency that they are facing. Strategic decisions are taken with serenity, openness, self-control while listening to others.

– Mindful corporate leads to stress reduction and burnout prevention. With appropriate behaviors from leaders and managers in particular : a higher self-confidence and trust in others, more presence and wider creativity.

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Mindful Corporate

Burnout prevention and Stress Management Method through Mindfulness

Nowadays, wellness is a fundamental question that concerns each level of a company and organization : leaders, HR and teams.

In an context where depression is always denser, where uncertainty is increasing and things are evolving continually, stress and burnout increase constantly.

To face psychological risks, Mindfulness Meditation is among the most effective methods bringing a stable solution.

This method leads to anchor necessary qualities to the future leaders and workers with serene and more motivated collaborators.

Lots of studies demonstrated that Mindfulness plays a role in the stress and burnout decrease by improving physical and mental wellness of the professionals.

Mindfulness helps creating a professional space in which employees have a better self-consciousness and develop links with others.

Key advantages of Mindfulness in a company


Mindfulness, in companies and organizations, helps the well-being development, namely, to decrease stress and burnout.
  • Better psychological risks management
  • Develop and find new resources
  • Encourage self-fulfillment and evolution
  • Boost cooperation and creativity
  • Allow favorable collective life conditions


It’s essential for managers and leaders to adapt their management mode.
  • Be empathic
  • Trust
  • Deal with stress
  • Settle realist objectives
  • Be positive and encouraging
  • Follow results in terms of quantity, quality and behavior
  • Being completely available for his / her collaborators during certain hours
  • Preserve the collaborators’ balance between private and professional life.


  • 72% of employees say feeling stress
  • 86% of top executives say being more and more stressed
  • 70% of Belgians at work don’t sleep well from Sunday to Monday
  • 50% of INAMI payments for primary work incapacity are linked to stress and burnout


1 happy collaborator is :
  • Two times less ill
  • Six times less absent
  • 9 times more loyal
  • 31% more productive / efficient
  • 55% more creative
Collaborators are :
  • 65% happier if they have responsibilities
  • 82% influenced by their managers in terms of happiness at work
  • 83% happier if they are free and autonomous(independent)
  • 94% more productive if they are happy

Mindfulness Integration in your company ?

  • Presentation for 1 to 2 hours
  • Workshop
  • Team building
  • 8-week cycle
Workshop / Activities

Institut Mindfulness also offers tailor-made solutions regarding the needs of the company or the organization.

What is Burn-out ?

Burn-Out is a persistent negative state of mind, related to our work, which is defined by exhaustion, feeling of being inefficient, demotivation, and dysfunctional behaviours at work.

It is really difficult to identify the Burn-Out before it pops up. It takes years to appear. For a long time, employees keep going to work, and they empty themselves little by little from the inside from all their energy and resources.



  • Incapacity to work approximately for  8,5 months 
  • 15% of burn-out’s victims will never go back on the job market 
  • 75% of them will change their firm

It has been proven that the burn-out victimes are identified as the best employees in the firm.

OTHER MINDFUL WORK PROGRAMS :  Leadership CorporateCreativity | Workshop

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