Mindful life
Mindfulness improves our life quality. Regularly practiced, it leads to better manage oneself stress, depression, anxiety, pain or addiction.

This practice has been henceforth scientifically recognized for several years.

Concretely, it’s all about focus oneself attention to the present moment, to reconnect to oneself sensations and to let fly away oneself thoughts without judgment but with goodwill.

Mindfulness is being developed in many areas (education, work, alimentation,…) so it allows us to improve our life regarding our problems.

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Mindful Eating

Rediscover food, eat mindfully

Mindful Eating  allows to reconnect to one’s senses and to be aware of our relation to food and how and why we eat. It’s a new way of living oneself alimentation in a society where eating has become an automatism.

This method teaches us again to develop consciousness of our relation, often emotional, to food and satiety.

First, it’s about being conscious of oneself dietary’s behaviors with serenity. After, comes the rediscovery of the food’s pleasure.

Eat mindfully ? For whom ? For what ?

Mindful Eating is for everybody and allows everyone to find again an nutritional balance. This method can also interest people enrolled in a conflictual relation with food.

Mindful Eating allows to be conscious of our link with food. It’s about:

mindfulness 1

Reconnecting to oneself sensations, emotions

mindfulness 2

Regain oneself balance

mindfulness 3

Ending with diets

mindfulness 4

Rediscovering the pleasure of food

Learn & practice Mindful Eating

  • Discovery session in a restaurant **
  • Mindful Eating initiation ***
  • 8-week Cycle***
  • Intensive days of practice**
  • Mindful Break to meditate day by day*
  • Mindful Break-Eat your lunch mindfully

Involvement *moderate **medium ***intense

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