Mindfulness in everyday life
“Mindfulness consists in being fully present in the moment, to stop to fully appreciate it, instead of fleeing from it or trying to modify it by one’s actions or thoughts.” Christophe André
to the stress,
to the burnout
in your company
with Mindfulness
(Primary and secondary prevention RPS)
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Mindful Life improves life on a daily basis / daily life:

Your stress decreases as well as your impulsive reactions your negative emotions. Your mental is soothed.

Some insurances partly refund the Mindfulness cycle :

Careful, the testimonies on this website derive from specific results. We cannot, guarantee the same results for other people because they can vary regarding the situation.

More than 1.200 people had enrolled a program with the Mindfulness Institute

the Mindfulness Institute has offered for the past six years, Mindfulness Meditation cycles also aimed at companies and organizations. We have pioneered a number of these programmes.

méditation pleine conscience

Where practice Mindfulness meditation

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