Mindful Work

With the Mindful Work Program (Mindfulness Meditation at work), you manage to reconcile, in your company or organization, teams’ well-being and performance.

– Mindful Leadership allows leaders and managers to manage stress and emergency that they are facing. Strategic decisions are taken with serenity, openness, self-control while listening to others.

– Mindful corporate leads to stress reduction and burnout prevention. With appropriate behaviors from leaders and managers in particular : a higher self-confidence and trust in others, more presence and wider creativity.

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Mindful Creativity

Access your creative resources through Mindfulness

In an environment where pressure is arising and reaction is almost immediate, creativity is therefore decreasing.

How to succeed in becoming a creative leader with an innovative strategy and a new positioning in such a context ?
Regarding a study launched by IBM alongside 1500 CEO, the majority of the leaders identify creativity as the most important quality for leaders and managers to succeed.

Yet, recent studies in neurosciences bring to light that Mindfulness practice clearly improves our creativity and our capacities to solve problems.

Mindful Creativity allows to win in efficiency and in work quality for both leading a meeting and negotiating or solving a conflict… As stress closes and reduces our thinking mode, creativity opens to the infinite possibilities and offers an extended vision.

Mindfulness to develop oneself creativity in a company

We know the action of meditation on stress, burnout risks reduction, blood pressure decrease, sleep improvement … We know less Mindfulness effects on creativity and facility to find solutions.

Mindful Creativity leads to tensions management thanks to a serene and focused internal posture in order to think more efficiently. Become “conscient creatives”, capable make-to-order professionals with new and relevant ideas. We reach to manage oneself stress, to develop oneself work capacities. It’s about detecting automatisms, emotional, behavioral and cognitive habits : thus primordial abilities for creativity.

How ? In companies

  • A 2-day seminar in the form of a reflections’ workshop.
Access to activities

Institut Mindfulness also offers tailor-made solutions regarding the needs of the company or the organization.

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