Mindful life
Mindfulness improves our life quality. Regularly practiced, it leads to better manage oneself stress, depression, anxiety, pain or addiction.

This practice has been henceforth scientifically recognized for several years.

Concretely, it’s all about focus oneself attention to the present moment, to reconnect to oneself sensations and to let fly away oneself thoughts without judgment but with goodwill.

Mindfulness is being developed in many areas (education, work, alimentation,…) so it allows us to improve our life regarding our problems.

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Mindful Family

Explore Mindfulness playfully in family

This is a playful and enjoyable workshop. The aim is to practice Mindfulness in family in order to recover a family and a personal balance. While parents are living under pressure at an increasing faster pace, children are even more solicited. Wrapped up in social medias and web, teenagers are early confronted to social pressure, stress and even sometimes, to violence. Mindful Family is a good way to dedicate a unique family moment. It’s an activity where the child / teenager and parents can extract themselves out of judgment and expectations. The aim is not to change the family members, the work begins on oneself. It’s a relief for all, children and parents are serener / more easeful. We notice a better stress and emotional management such as a better communication and familial relations.

Practice Mindfulness family, for whom, for what ?

Mindful Family, on the children and teenagers’ side, is a stress management tool allowing them to put a distance in front of their emotions. Learning to stop reacting impulsively. A reflection time allows to modulate an answer. The child or the teenager reaches again to refocus and to develop creativity. The most troubled, stresses or distracted teenagers, are the ones who quickly stick the most to Mindfulness.

We reintroduce goodwill inside the family, the couple sold again together and the repetition of certain family schemas thus are stopped.

Mindfulness Family acts in:

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mindfulness 2


mindfulness 3


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How to practice Mindfulness in family

  • 8-week Mindfulness cycle for Adults ***
  • Mindful Teen or 8-Week or Teenager Mindfulness Initiation Cycle ***
  • Recreational / play-based Mindful Family workshop one Sunday per month*
  • Mindful Breaks to meditate day by day

Involvement *moderate **medium ***intense

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