"Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness, the bridge that unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again."


Thich Nhat Hanh


Méditation Mindfulness


Corporate Programs

Research shows that Mindfulness influences both the individual and collective level. For example Mindfulness helps us to be proactive and to identify when a decision should be made : clarifying the objectives, generating options, avoiding irrational escalation of commitment to a previous bad decision.

Employee Benefits:

• Less stress and anxiety
• Improvement in overall health, wellbeing, and energy
• better self-esteem
• Increased focus, memory and creativity
• Improved problem-solving skills
• Improved communication skills

Company Benefits:

• Higher productivity, response time and focus
• Lower employee turnover and absentee rates
• Enhanced creativity
• Better learning from feedback
• Cohesive team culture
• Kinder, more positive work environment


We offer open Mindful Leadership courses as well as tailor-made in-company courses :

In-company courses

Based on your briefing, our in-company training is completely adapted to the special needs of your organization and group, at your chosen location.

To meet and discuss how we might be able to help your business, please call us or submit an enquiry.

Standard Courses

Mindful Leadership
Mindfulness and Creativity
8 week in-house Mindfulness
Mindfulness Sensitization
Mindfulness Tools

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Méditation Mindfulness



The “ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction ” program ( MBSR ) or more recently “ Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy ” ( MBCT ) are methods which are scientifically researched and in which stress reduction and reduction of medical symptoms take a central place.

Since the early 80's scientific research has demonstrated that mindfulness benefits many areas. Here are a few of the main proven benefits of a regular mindfulness training :

• Reduces anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability
• Improves memory and reaction time
• Increases grey matter in brain areas associated with self-awareness, empathy, self-control and attention
• Improves mood and quality of life in challenging medical illnesses and cases of chronic pain
• Enhances working memory, creativity, attention span and reaction speeds
• Improves emotional intelligence
• Enhances self-awareness, empathy, self-control and attention
• Reduces some of the thinning of certain areas of the brain that naturally occurs with ageing
• Improves the immune system, physical endurance and resilience

The programs consist of 8 weeks, 2 ½ hours a week or several days of intensive training.
Formal and informal exercises help to develop the capacity to recognize reality as it is. Exercises are based on Meditation, cognitive and behavioral awareness, body scan and attention training.

Before registering for an 8-week training program it’s important to participate in an information session.

Warning : Mediation can change your life

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